ENVESTT TRUST CONSULTING ©2020 is in urgent and dire need of volunteers to help fight and end the COVID 19 Pandemic via Digital aid across the US and North America.

No physical contact is required, completing these tasks.

Just keep safe and work remotely from home as a Cashier / payroll Assistant, while you earn up to 10% commission on every successful work done.


In order to help cushion the effect of the partial lockdown currently affecting counties and major cities during this pandemic times & period for the sustainability of senior citizens, veterans, disables and the entirety of the human race @ large also for people with special needs, living in the US.

As part of our selfless services and commitments in supporting the good works of the present day government in curbing this Novel crisis through affiliated sponsorship programs and partnership with the private sector.

We are presently running a centralized digital system to provide assistance and general mark ups for business owners. In the areas of sales, pre orders, distribution and drop shippings of franchised  products, capable of enhancing the growth, development and sustainability of citizenry @ large amidst the partial lockdown presently ravaging businesses in the US and its environs which are mainly medical aid, wares & equipments supplies to the doorsteps of the most vulnerable.

No prior experience or training required but a constant briefing will be available with a virtual supervisor personally assigned to you, providing guides and instructions on a day to day basis.

Our goal is to ensure all States get the right humanitarian support and manpower to respond swiftly to further combat any recurring cases by recruiting hundreds of adhoc staff to man our call centers and support our tracing and testing efforts.

Initial Funding will be provided in the form of a sponsored check for you to acquire your start up kit which is to be obtained from an accredited vendor or vendors near you.